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Alligator Gar is Largest Fish Ever Caught in Oklahoma [PICS]

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Not only is Paul Easley’s gar the state record for its species, it is the largest fish of all time caught in Oklahoma.

Easley snagged the largest and meanest-looking fish ever caught in Oklahoma when he caught a very large alligator gar. Easley was fishing in Lake Texoma when he caught the gar.

Lake Texoma sits on the Oklahoma-Texas border and is one of the largest man-made lakes in the country, at 89,000 surface acres.

Easley’s fish was an eight-foot-long, 254-pound monster with a 44-inch girth.

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Grind TV

As of yet, we don’t know any more details of Easley’s incredible catch.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation said of Easley’s giant gator:

Snagged from Lake Texoma, this 8 ft. alligator gar weighed 254 pounds with a girth of 44 inches and is the largest fish ever caught in Oklahoma waters. Not only is this a massive fish, but it is also a very special and unique fish. Alligator gar are long-lived with only periodic spawning opportunities.

The IGFA lists the all-tackle world record alligator gar at 279 pounds. That fish was pulled from the Rio Grande, Texas, on December 2, 1951 by Bill Valverde.

Alligator gar are partially protected fish, and the Oklahoma DWC also informs anglers:

• May 1-May 31: angling for alligator gar by any method (including bowfishing and snagging) is prohibited between the State HWY 99/US Hwy 377 bridge upstream to the Interstate 35 bridge.
• During the permitted season, the daily limit is one alligator gar.
• Anglers should avoid handling gar by the gills as this can injure the fish.

After weighing and measuring the gar, Easley safely released it.

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Alligator Gar is Largest Fish Ever Caught in Oklahoma [PICS]