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Alligator Crunches a Turtle into Little Pieces [VIDEO]

We all know the awesome power of this vicious reptile’s bite, but when an alligator crunches a turtle with such ease, we can’t help but watch in amazement.

The poor turtle doesn’t stand a chance against this alligator.

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Make sure your volume is up because the crunching sounds are very chilling, and you’ll be glad it’s not your arm making that sound in the gator’s mouth.


The crunching sound is definitely hair-raising and will make anyone understand why you should always keep a safe distance from alligators of this size, but watching the blood drip down the gator as he squeezes the turtle is terrifying.

It takes some time before the alligator can crunch the turtle enough to get it down his hatch, but he succeeds nonetheless, and puts on quite the show.

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It’s a wild kingdom out there, and is typically an eat or be eaten world. This alligator munching a turtle is a prime example.

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Alligator Crunches a Turtle into Little Pieces [VIDEO]