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This Alligator Just Didn’t Want to Give Up [VIDEO]

An alligator bites a boat in its final moments, not willing to give up so easily.

There’s nothing like the fight of an alligator. Okay, maybe you’ve wrestled a bear, tamed a lion or swam with a shark, but still, gators are gnarly.

Guy Hickman, Jr. MD wrote to us to share a perfect example of an alligator’s tenacity, and provided the video below for proof.

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Watch as Hickman, his son and his nephew attempt to harvest this mighty gator in Stick Marsh, near Fellsmere and Vero Beach, Florida. Final measurements put it at 11 feet, 3 inches, but when it’s submerged in the water it looks even bigger.

Hickman’s son, Guy III, hooked the gator and worked to reel in the 150 yards of line the beast took out. As it was pulled to the surface with the help of Hickman at the front of the small boat, the gator decided to take a bite out of the boat rail. It was then hit with a 44mag bang stick, but still didn’t bite the dust.

The alligator was eventually harvested and the skull was preserved, showing clearly where the bite marks ripped the boat rail off. Here are some pictures of the aftermath, provided by Hickman.


The two longer teeth punctured the boat rail, leaving these large holes in think aluminum


Further proof that an alligator’s bite is a serious thing

Alligator hunting has long been a southern tradition, but has seen recent popularity boosts thanks to reality television shows, new technology and sought after gator meat and leather.

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Thanks to Hickman and his family for sharing the footage, here’s hoping the damage to the boat wasn’t too expensive.

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This Alligator Just Didn’t Want to Give Up [VIDEO]