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Alligator at Wal-Mart: Florida Store Receives Unwanted Visitor

An American Alligator at Wal-Mart spooked employees and evaded capture over the weekend.

Shoppers at a Central Florida Wal-Mart were surprised by an unexpected visitor Sunday morning, as an alligator made its way to the entrance and triggered the automatic doors, according to WKMG Orlando.

Employees were able to close and lock the doors before the reptile could enter, and police officers tried to guide the creature away from the store in Apopka, Florida, outside Orlando.

As customers and onlookers gathered for photo opportunities, the 6-foot gator escaped to a nearby wooded area, where police officers lost sight and gave up on the chase.

No one was injured in the incident and reports share no information on what exactly the alligator intended on buying.

Oftentimes, when alligators and humans interact at such close proximities, danger of attacks and the odds of possible injuries increase. Southern states have been reporting record-breaking gator captures during this year's hunting season, further proving the importance of population control as residential areas invade the swamps and woodlands where they are commonly found.

Have you ever had a gator encounter? Better yet, have you ever seen an alligator at Wal-Mart? Share your stories below in the comments section.

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Alligator at Wal-Mart: Florida Store Receives Unwanted Visitor