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All New West Virginia Blue Catfish Record Has Been Set

FB/Wildlife WV

The biggest ever West Virginia blue catfish has just been caught. 

The Ohio River has produced another record setting West Virginia blue catfish. This river alone has grown multiple records for every state that owns a piece of its banks, but this time it was West Virginia that gets to claim the title. To top things off, it was also caught in a fishing tournament!

Mark Blauvelt of New Lebanon, Ohio was fishing in a catfish tournament in West Virginia waters near Gallipolis, OH, which is just down the road from Point Pleasant, WV. He was using cut bait when the big fish hit.

This new West Virginia blue catfish record tipped the scales at nearly 60 pounds and was just under 45 inches long. According to the story, the old record, which still holds the length record of 47 inches, had a weight of 52 pounds. That fish was also caught out of the Ohio River.

In a year when record fish are seemingly falling every week for a different state, we are sure another record setting fish is right around the corner. Considering it's been two years since this last West Virginia record was broken, perhaps this one won't be topped for a while to come.

Congrats on a great fish!


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All New West Virginia Blue Catfish Record Has Been Set