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Alive and Well: Bigfoot (and Littlefoot) Sighting in Virginia! [VIDEO]

In Bedford County, Virginia, Bigfoot is no joke!

According to a woman (who chooses to remain anonymous), Bigfoot is alive and well. It was spotted carrying a Chewbacca-looking baby! Though she doesn’t want people to think she’s wacko, she stands by her story.

The witness spoke to 911 saying that as she drove up Route 43 near midnight on September 9, her headlights illuminated a strange sight: Big Foot with a baby (we’ll call him “Little Foot”) in his arms! She shares that the “creature’s footprint was bigger than her two feet together, end to end” and that Big Foot was “holding its baby the way a human would.”

Sweet? Or just plain crazy? Decide for yourself – Check out the  video and the 911 transcript below: – ABC13

Caller: “I know this is going to sound crazy, but I went back and checked and there were prints, a Bigfoot with a baby.”
Dispatcher: “There were what?”
Caller: “It was a Bigfoot with a baby.”
After assuring the dispatcher she hadn’t been drinking, the woman offered no explanation why she waited two days to call. She says she went back in daylight.
Caller: “I did see some footprints and the stride was longer than anything I could make.”
Caller: “The baby was looking right at me.”

The woman told WSET the baby looked just like Chewbacca from “Star Wars”.

Caller: “Have you ever gotten other reports like this?”
Dispatcher: “I’ve never had a call like this in my life.”

The dispatcher sent a police investigator to the area to conduct their own search, however, both Bigfoot and Littlefoot were nowhere to be found.

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Alive and Well: Bigfoot (and Littlefoot) Sighting in Virginia! [VIDEO]