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Rare Albino Sturgeon Caught in Snake River, Washington

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After catching an albino sturgeon, it's time to buy a lottery ticket. 

An extremely rare white sturgeon has been caught on the Snake River located just off of the Lower Granite Dam in Washington. What makes this white sturgeon so rare is the fact that it truly lives up to its name; you see, it's an albino.

Currently, many biologists in the Washington area believe they have never heard of an albino sturgeon on the Snake River before.

Craig Dowdy of YJ Guide service and his wife, Melodie, had caught one nine-footer before they hooked up with the albino, but when they did, they knew it was special. Dowdy reported;

"Melodie fought the fish for 45 minutes before the fish finally gave up," he said. "After talking to the biologists in the area no one has any info about albino sturgeon on the Snake and most have never seen anything like it."

This extremely rare white albino sturgeon measured just over six feet long. It was completely white with blue eyes and pink tones on its tail.

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Rare Albino Sturgeon Caught in Snake River, Washington