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White Doe Births Twins: What Will They Look Like? [VIDEO]

Fawn twins; will they be born white like their mother?

Spring is here and it won't be long before fawns are hitting the ground again. Shadow Valley Deer Farm has given the world an inside look at one of their white does birthing twins.

This is something rare enough to see on a farm, much less in the wild. Will these fawns be white like their mother? Watch the video below and see for yourself.

This is a live deer birth so...

The first one came out with regular fawn colors; cinnamon brown with white dots on the back. The pigment genetic trait skipped this one.

The second fawn is born white; really a more gold color. Rare, indeed!

Shadow Valley Deer Farms in West Virginia specializes in raising and breeding white deer and piebalds.

White deer are only true albinos if they are born with pink noses and eyes, which is a result of blood vessels showing through the skin.

Albino and white deer are extremely rare and it is still a mystery as to how a deer will receive the genetic mutation.

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White Doe Births Twins: What Will They Look Like? [VIDEO]