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Alberta Hunter Kills Bear on Top of Him with One-Handed Rifle Shot

An Alberta hunter is recovering from serious injuries after a black bear attacked him on Sunday.

The 56-year-old man was with a group legally hunting bears on private land in Smoky Lake County near Edmonton, Alberta.

According to CTV, the hunter spotted the bear in a clearing, shot it, and followed into the the brush.

When he came close to the bear, it turned around and attacked his arm. Using his good arm, the man grabbed his rifle and fired a fatal shot in the bear.

Edmonton Fish and Wildlife officer Mike Ewald said he’s lucky to be alive. 

“The bear had him down and had a hold of him and he managed, with one arm, to use his rifle to shoot the bear,” Ewald said.

Fish and Wildlife officers later found the body of a 250-pound black bear they believe was involved in the attack.

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An air ambulance responded to the scene and treated the hunter’s wounds on site. Ewald said the man required a translator who spoke Mandarin because he could barely understand English. He was then air lifted to the University of Alberta Hospital where he underwent surgery to treat his arm wounds.

Ewald said man is expected to survive.

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Alberta Hunter Kills Bear on Top of Him with One-Handed Rifle Shot