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Alberta Discusses Spear Hunting Ban After Bowmar Film

spear hunting ban
Photo from: Bowmar Hunting

Talks over Alberta's spear hunting ban are set to take place this fall.

Reports from the Washington Post and the Guardian have revealed that Alberta has plans to discuss a spear hunting ban this fall. The decision is a direct response to the infamous Bowmar film.

According to the Post, Alberta's Environmental and Parks department issued a statement that referred to spear hunting as an"archaic" practice. As a result, they are pushing for the introduction of the ban this fall as part of an update to the provinces's hunting rules and regulations. Ontario, Canada's most populated province, has already passed similar legislation.

According to a report from the Guardian, Wayne Pacelle, the chief executive of the Humane Society, stated that he thinks Bowmar is a "sociopath."

"What was also shocking was the breathless celebration of the hunter, acting as if he had really gotten somewhere in life and achieved something no one had done before," Pacelle said.

If you are unfamiliar with the Bowmar film and why it is causing so many problems, here's a quick backstory.

Josh Bowmar and his wife decided to hunt a black bear with a spear. Josh, previously a college javelin champion, decided to place his camera on the spear in hope of filming the kill shot. The two then headed off to woods and actually succeed with their plans. When Josh put the video on YouTube, the outrage began.

It didn't take long after that for the Bowmars to get into a heap of trouble with critics on social media. They also lost sponsors over the ordeal.

Based on Alberta's response to the video, it is apparent that many places are taking a step away from methods of hunting that are deemed unethical, somehow outdated, or barbaric.

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Alberta Discusses Spear Hunting Ban After Bowmar Film