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Alaskan Wood Bison Reintroduction Going as Planned [VIDEO]

Alaska’s reintroduction of the only herd of wood bison in the nation is showing early success.

It took more than 100 years for wood bison, North America’s largest native land mammal, to once again roam free in Alaska’s Inoko Flats.

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30 young wood bison were flown into the rural Alaskan village of Shageluk, with around 70 to follow in the coming weeks. They’ll be acclimated to the area before being released in the same general area they once dominated for thousands of years.

The movement to bring wood bison back to their original home started more than two decades ago, when a group of local communities, regional population centers, landowners, Alaska Native interests, wildlife conservation interests, industry, and State and Federal agencies decided it was due time to devote effort towards their reintroduction. It’s not just about the mammals, as the boreal forests of the area have lacked a significant grazing animal herd for more than a century. The effect will be widespread across the entire ecosystem.

Check out this video from the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center that explains more about the reintroduction.


You can find out more on the wood bison from the AWCC here.

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Alaskan Wood Bison Reintroduction Going as Planned [VIDEO]