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Alaskan Senator Wants Obama to Make Central Park a Wilderness Area


Alaskan State Senator Cathy Giessel wants Obama to make New York City’s Central Park a wilderness area.

Alaska’s republican lawmaker Cathy Giessel had a suggestion of where Obama should establish the country’s next wilderness area—Central Park.

Giessel feels the president and Congress should acquire New York City’s Central Park and close it off to development.

This is another attempt by Alaska’s political leaders to push back against Obama’s plan to designate large regions of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness. This would make the area’s oil-rich coastal plain off limits for any kind of development, including drilling.

A similar attempt was made in 2012, but went nowhere.

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge


Federal overreach is a common occurrence in Alaska’s Republican-controlled legislature this year. A couple of senators have made statements similar to Giessel’s.

One senator advocated ignoring the Interior Department’s rejection of a road in a different refuge. Another warned in a written statement, that was read on the Senate floor, while Alaskans appear sweet, they’re likely “packin’ heat.”

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Alaskan Senator Wants Obama to Make Central Park a Wilderness Area