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Alaskan Moose Gives Birth in Lowe's Parking Lot

Bill Roth/Alaska Dispatch News

These Alaskan shoppers received a thrilling surprise when a baby moose was born right before their eyes!

It certainly wasn't a normal day at the hardware store for shoppers in East Anchorage on May 31, when much to their surprise, a mother moose gave birth to calf smack dab in the parking lot of Lowe's. Staff at the store and security set up a perimeter around the pair, keeping curious bystanders a respectable distance in order to watch the show unfold.

"Seeing the way she's been acting -- not so much angry, but you can tell she's just kind of like a little scared and timid and doesn't know what to think of everything, because everybody has been showing up around the area," she said, explaining the protective barrier. "It is exciting, it's a new life, you know, so it's very exciting, but at the other end, she needs her privacy," said Katherine Warren.



Although it is fairly common to see moose in Anchorage, the opportunity to witness a newborn calf can be a rarity.

After a few hours, the inseparable pair began to wander across the parking lot, making numerous stops to rest and eat.


Talk about an incredible experience. A trip to the hardware store will never be the same for these folk!


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Alaskan Moose Gives Birth in Lowe's Parking Lot