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Alaskan Kayaker Saves Stranded Moose Calf While Mom Watches [PICS]

This stranded moose calf got a little help from a kayaker in Alaska’s Little Susitna River. reported that the incident happened on Sunday, when Troy Foster and his kayaking group noticed the calf stuck in water up to its chin.

With Foster’s wife behind the camera, Troy paddled towards the moose, which appeared to be running out of steam.

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Large moose tracks surrounded the bank near the calf, telling Foster and the rest of the group that the mother was likely nearby.


“We had no idea where she was,” Ashley Foster told KTUU. “All of a sudden, we heard the trees rustle and she was there on the same side of the river as my husband.”

Most people would assume a mother moose would become aggressive with her offspring in this situation, but against the odds, she stood still at the edge of the woods. With undoubtedly nervous eyes, the cow watched the rescue mission unfold.


“For five, six minutes she watched him save (the calf),” Foster said. “It was very surreal.” Troy secured the calf with a rope, lifted it out of the water and placed it on the shore.


The calf reportedly did not immediately rejoin it’s mother, but the group’s excited cheers may have been to blame.


Though the incident turned out well, a spokesperson for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game declined to make a specific comment with the news station, and suggested that people make the wise choice of calling in Fish and Game or wildlife troopers should things like this occur.

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There’s no telling what wild animals may be capable of, and it’s always best to let professionals take care of situations such as these.

All the same, we’re happy this calf got a second chance, and we’re hoping it has been reunited with its mother.


Featured image via Ashley Foster/KTUU

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Alaskan Kayaker Saves Stranded Moose Calf While Mom Watches [PICS]