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Supposed Alaskan Ice Cave Bear Sparks Controversy

An Anchorage, Alaska hiker snapped a picture of a supposed ice cave hibernating black bear. What ensued afterwards was a firestorm of controversy.

As reported by Alaska Dispatch News, A hiker named Mike Glidden from Anchorage, Alaska was hiking at Byron Glacier in the Portage Valley recreation area in December. He stated he took pictures of the inside of an ice cave and discovered what he thought was a hibernating bear when he got home and viewed his pictures.

Scientifically, no bear has ever been proven to use an ice cave for hibernation. Studies of hibernating black bears show they prefer to dig their winter dens into the ground.

This possible ice cave bear in the picture shows it haphazardly splayed out on a rock or chunk of ice, which contradicts historical data and understanding of how a hibernating bear gets through the winter.

Alaska Dispatch News

Though it might be possible for a bear to decide to hibernate in an ice cave, the picture did not do the subject justice and scientists just aren’t buying it.

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Supposed Alaskan Ice Cave Bear Sparks Controversy