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This Alaskan Halibut is Bigger Than the Guy Who Caught It [PICS]

Check out this monster Alaskan halibut.

Bleacher Report had the scoop on this 405-pound halibut caught by Michael Clancy in Chenega Bay, Alaska.

A relatively modest 25-minute fight brought the halibut up to the surface, but a crane was needed to finish the job.

What? You think you could lift a 405-pound fish?



The Bleacher Report piece said Clancy is 6'5" and, as you can see, the fish is significantly larger.

As is customary, a crowd gathered to see the huge fish brought in when Clancy returned to the docks and posed for these pictures, next to the aptly named "Halibut Hooker."


As unbelievable as it may seem, halibut can get even bigger. The record Pacific halibut is 459 pounds and was caught in Alaska's Dutch Harbor, and the biggest Atlantic halibut caught was from Norway and weighted more than 413 pounds. A 515-pound halibut should surpass them both as the new world record.

Ever caught a halibut? Was it bigger than you? Yeah, didn't think so...


Images via Bleacher Report/Michael Clancy

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This Alaskan Halibut is Bigger Than the Guy Who Caught It [PICS]