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Alaskan Fly Anglers Take the Mannequin Challenge

FishEWear Facebook Page

What happens when a bunch of fly fishermen stand around in a river with a bag of wine on Thanksgiving Day? The Mannequin Challenge!

In what began as a spontaneous idea spawned from Thor Lindstam’s brother-in-law snagging a branch during a back cast, several fly fishermen decided to take the #MannequinChallenge during a Thanksgiving outing and (literally) freeze while standing in the cold waters at the confluence of the Situk Rivers. Lindstram reached for his camera during a flash of genius and captured the footage:

“I was strolling around with a bag of wine and my iPhone when I saw him snag up, and the whole mannequin challenge thing just played out before my eyes, so I yelled “FREEZE!” while sloshing back and forth, instructing him to fein a double haul, and then splashed around in the river to get the shot.”

The video was uploaded to the FisheWear Facebook Page. FisheWear is based out of Anchorage, Alaska and makes clothing geared towards fly fishing anglers. Not just rain gear, but fashionable wear for any occasion. Their website not only features their clothing line, but also tips, advice, and recipes as well.

However, if you want to see the rest of the Lindstam’s Thanksgiving highlight film, you can watch it here on YouTube.


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Alaskan Fly Anglers Take the Mannequin Challenge