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Alaskan Bush Plane Lands on Only 20 Feet of Runway [VIDEO]

Alaskan bush plane

The Alaskan bush plane pilot in this video manages to set his aircraft down using only 20 feet of runway!

Who ever said that an Alaskan bush plane needs a long runway to complete a landing successfully? Apparently, for a skilled enough pilot, 20 feet of clear runway is all it takes to gently set an Alaskan bush plane down.

Alaskan bush plane pilots are some of the most fearless people you will ever come across. They fly in incredibly challenging conditions and are responsible for the lives of the people they may be transporting.

Having the ability to land in less than ideal conditions is one of the best skills a bush pilot can have.

Despite the fact that this video occurred during a short takeoff and landing competition, this type of flying skill is very impressive.

Hunters who travel to Alaska for the hunt of a lifetime would be well served to hire an Alaskan bush plane pilot like the one in the video.

Landing in a slightly more remote area with shorter landing distances available could lead to a more successful hunt of a true trophy animal.

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Alaskan Bush Plane Lands on Only 20 Feet of Runway [VIDEO]