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'Alaskan Bush People' Stars Charged with Falsifying Hunting, Fishing Licenses [PICS]

Discovery Channel via ADN

The Discovery Channel's "Alaskan Bush People" reality stars have had six family members cited for falsifying residency requirements on their hunting and fishing licenses.

The Brown family, featuring Billy, Ami, and their seven children, are said by the Discovery Channel to be "a recently discovered family that was born and raised wild."

Six members of the Brown family have now been charged with multiple violations of fishing and hunting registration due to residency questions.

The minor offences were filed in Glennallen District Court and show that six different members of the Brown family purchased resident licenses but failed to meet Alaska's Department of Fish and Game requirements for residency.

The Browns are not new to legal issues and controversy concerning their Alaska residency.

In 2014 a grand jury in Juneau also charged six of the family members with some 60 counts of first-degree falsification and first and second-degree theft after the family filed for a Permanent Fund dividend.

The citations were issued after six of the Brown children: Solomon, Joshua, Noah, Matthew, Billy and Gabriel, purchased licenses shortly after moving to Alaska from both Texas and Colorado.

Alaskans are only eligible to receive a resident PFD license once they have lived in the state for at least one year.

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'Alaskan Bush People' Stars Charged with Falsifying Hunting, Fishing Licenses [PICS]