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Alaskan Black Bear Gets Its Head Stuck in a Jar [PICS]

Image via AlaskaDispatchNews

A black bear gets its head stuck in a jar and needed some help getting it off. 

Alaska Department of Fish and Game staff had to help a black bear remove its head from a jar recently in Juneau.

After several calls came in reporting the black bear and its condition, Erann Kalwara, Public Information Officer with the department, told reporters, “We notified Fish and Game and Fish and Game went out right away, but they were unable to find the bear.”

Kalwara added, “At 12:41 p.m., we got reports saying citizens were trying to get the jug off the bear’s head. Then we dispatched JPD officers.”

JPD Officers kept the bear contained and tried to keep people away, according to reports. Then Fish and Game arrived, tranquilized the bear, and removed the container.

Area Management Biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Stephanie Sell, told reporters, the bear was relocated outside of Juneau. Sell said the jar was, “one of those oversized animal cookie containers.”

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Alaskan Black Bear Gets Its Head Stuck in a Jar [PICS]