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Alaskan Black Bear Crashes Kid’s Birthday, Feasts on Cupcakes

An Alaskan black bear literally crashed in on an infant’s birthday last Saturday.

The 180-pound black bear fell through a Juneau couple’s skylight into their living room while they were preparing to celebrate their infant child’s birthday.

“I was literally in the room, and I heard this cracking,” homeowner Glenn Merrill told the CBC. “…The next thing you know, there’s this bear that, I mean, literally fell right from the skylight. It was like one meter away from me.”

The people in the house hid in nearby rooms, while the black bear licked the frosting off the toddler’s birthday cupcakes.

Merrill opened a door to the backyard and managed to shoo the bear out of the home. Hungry for more, the bear wandered around to the back porch and peered through a window into the house.

“It was up by the window like, ‘I want more cupcakes,'” said Merrill’s partner and co-homeowner Alicia Bishop.

The curious black bear eventually wandered off into the woods, and was later shot and killed by local wildlife officials. They believe it was the same bear that entered another occupied home in the same neighborhood later that day.

“We don’t take killing or destroying bears lightly,” said Ryan Scott of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. “People were inside that building. I think it was appropriate for that given situation.”

Scott said it’s a neighborhood where “bears are extremely curious and will stake out any source of food they can find.”

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Alaskan Black Bear Crashes Kid’s Birthday, Feasts on Cupcakes