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Alaska Wildfire Still Smoldering a Full Year Later [PICS]

Alaska Dispatch News

A wildfire that started in Alaska last year consumed thousands of acres. Recently, mushroom hunters stumbled on a hot spot that is still burning. 

Fires are a destructive occurrence that are a natural part of many ecosystems stimulating new plant growth.

This Alaska wildfire strangely is still slowly smoldering almost a full year after starting.

Back in May of 2014, the Funny River Wild Fire was ablaze in Alaska. A total of 195,000 acres burned during this massive fire.

Reportedly, some mushroom hunters on the Kenai Peninsula recently stumbled on a hot spot still burning in that area. It is believed to actually be the remnants of the Funny River Wildfire.

Firefighters found a 20-foot by 20-foot area that was still smoldering. Yes, this is almost a full year after the wildfire started.

The fire manager Howie Kent was not too surprised by this interesting phenomenon. He states that since it was such a big wild fire, the chances of the hot spot that long after is not unheard of.

The forest division extinguished the small burn and is keeping an eye on the area to be certain there are no other surprises like this one that could potentially start a bigger fire.




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Alaska Wildfire Still Smoldering a Full Year Later [PICS]