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Alaska Fish and Game Launches Online Licensing Store

Alaska Dept. Fish and Game

Purchasing and printing your Alaska hunting, fishing and trapping license and tags are now available for the first time ever. 

If you have ever fished for salmon in Alaska you know how much of a process licenses can be and you know the first question to ask the clerk is if they have King Salmon stamps. Waiting in line at the store or waiting on the mail is now optional.

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This month, the Alaska department of Fish and Game launched the online license store allowing hunters, trappers and anglers to purchase and print their license, tags and stamps with a few clicks. Commercial crew member licenses are available online as well. Resident and non-resident alike can use the online system.

Individuals can also purchase licenses for more than one person at a time, saving time for families, hunting lodges and fishing processors.

There are some drawbacks; not everything is available for immediate printing, some items will have to be mailed, and if your license is lost or destroyed you will have to visit a license vendor to get a duplicate for $5.00.

Fish and Game has mobile licenses in the works for the future.


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Alaska Fish and Game Launches Online Licensing Store