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Alaska Drone Hunting Banned

There will be no Alaska drone hunting allowed after new measures approved by the Alaska Board of Game take effect.

The Anchorage Daily News reported that the board passed the measure at their March 14-18, 2014 meeting in Anchorage.

In a classic case of technology surpassing regulations, wildlife officials say that while the practice is still far from widespread, the cheaper and more sophisticated tools get, the better chances are they will be used. Now that the measure has passed, hunters will be without this innovative and relatively new tool.

Advantages include a vantage point previously unheard of, as remote controlled drones can relay real-time video footage to a hunter or helper on the ground below.

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Alaska is the latest in a growing list of states attempting to regulate drones and their use in hunting. A draft of the regulation will be sent to the Department of Law for a once over, and is expected to be law on July 1, 2014.

Measures are already in place regulating the practice of hunters flying conventional aircraft (the game spotted via air must be harvested no sooner than a day after flying), but after the drone hunting rule passes, eyeing game with a drone and shooting it at any time will be illegal.

Do you think drones give hunters an unfair advantage? Or do you see them as yet another tool, akin to a trail cam or GPS? Leave your comments below.

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Alaska Drone Hunting Banned