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How to Do an Alaska Bear Hunt on the Cheap [VIDEO]

Do you think an Alaska bear hunt has to be an expensive undertaking? Well, think again. Here are the logistics to do it cheaply.

Randy Newberg explains how you can do a southeast Alaska black bear hunt for around only $2,000.

Newberg explains that many hunters believe that an Alaska black bear hunt is prohibitively expensive, but would be shocked to learn that Newberg and partners “do it almost every year for less than $2,000 per hunter.”

There are a couple of tricks or things to keep in mind when planning a hunt like Newberg’s:

  1. Apply well ahead of time, as far ahead as 18 months.
  2. Split the cost with some hunting buddies.

The Alaska black bear season runs from around Aug. 1 through to June 30 of the following spring.

So, as Newberg explains, if you want to do a spring black bear hunt, you will be applying for the drawing that takes place in November and December of the previous year.

That’s around a year and a half prior to your spring hunt if you are successful in the draw.

These black bear hunts are self-guided, further cutting the costs.

Finally, if you enlist two or three hunting buddies in the project with you to split the costs of air service or skiff rental, your financial outlay will be surprisingly affordable.

Of course you’ve got to be on top of things when planning a trip like this, not only with application and hunting dates, but with everything. You’ll have to budget and plan for transportation, location, camp outfitting, getting yourself and your bear out of the bush and back home, and more.

But Newberg asserts, “You can do this hunt for less than $2,000, and it is so much fun.”

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How to Do an Alaska Bear Hunt on the Cheap [VIDEO]