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Alabama’s Red Snapper App Adds Ease to a Short Season [VIDEO]

The red snapper app is one way Alabama is helping gauge its fisheries.

Alabama’s red snapper app will help regulate the recreational share of the species, bringing hard data to a foggy debate over Gulf of Mexico fisheries.

The “Outdoor Alabama” app can be found on iTunes or Google Play, with full instructions at Since reported red snapper catches is already required, the app makes for some quick clicking, as opposed to calling or mailing in a harvest declaration.

Here’s a video from LOCAL 15, the NBC affiliate in Mobile that covers much of the gulf coast, on the app:

Check out these can’t-miss fishing videos:

Alabama governor Robert Bentley along with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Marine Resources Division announced that the state’s waters will open for the harvest of red snapper and gray triggerfish on all Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in July, says

Red snapper is a prized game fish along the gulf coast, but in Alabama and other states, a bit of a battle is brewing.

Earlier this year, the Alabama Legislature passed a bill that declared their state waters to be up to nine miles away from shore. The federal laws do not recognize anything beyond three miles “belonging” to states, leading recreational fishermen and women to “fish at their own risk” beyond the three mile markers.

If anglers are caught possessing red snapper, gray triggerfish or other tightly managed species, by a federal agent, they could be given citations.

With just nine total days to fish for red snapper in federal waters, Alabama state officials with the Marine Resources Division say they believe the numbers in Alabama waters are adequate enough to call for more angling opportunities.

What to you think about the red snapper app? Will it help lead to more fishing opportunities?

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Alabama’s Red Snapper App Adds Ease to a Short Season [VIDEO]