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Inside Alabama's One-Shot Turkey Hunt [Video]

The One-Shot Turkey Hunt helps conservation efforts in Alabama by uniting landowners and industry leaders for a special turkey hunting event.

Wildlife conservation is, in many ways, the lifeblood of hunting. Many wild game species populations would diminish without it.

To further wildlife conservation and bolster the booming outdoor economy, Alabama will host its annual One-Shot Turkey Hunt this spring.


Roughly 75 leaders in the outdoor industry are paired with landowners for a friendly hunting competition in hopes of building a stronger bond between the industry and state wildlife conservation. Alabama Governor Robert Bentley understands the importance of conservation and the impact it has on the state's multi-billion dollar outdoor industry.

"This turkey hunt is a great economic development tool, because it allows people to experience this great state of Alabama in a way that would never be seen if they were in the corporate boardroom," says Bentley. "The hunt also allows an opportunity to develop great relationships with companies who are interested in the state of Alabama."

In 2014, the two-day hunt raised more than $223,000 for various initiatives set forth by the conservation department.

The annual turkey hunt is in its 15th year and will be held March 16 - 18, 2015 near the Alabama state capital.

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Inside Alabama's One-Shot Turkey Hunt [Video]