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Alabama Warning Hog Hunters to Be Cautious of Swine Brucellosis

Swine Brucellosis Alabama

The state of Alabama is warning hog hunters to be cautious about swine brucellosis, a nasty and debilitating disease carried by hogs, when hog hunting.

Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is issuing a warning to all hog hunters to exercise caution when handling dead feral hogs because of the risk of contracting swine brucellosis. Swine brucellosis is a disease that can be contracted by allowing the blood of an infected animal to come into contact with your eyes, nose, mouth or a skin cut.

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Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Director Chuck Sykes said:

This caution is not meant to keep anyone from killing feral hogs. We just want to remind hunters that preventive measures should be standard when handling hogs.

In order to prevent transmission of the disease, the following precautions are recommended: wear gloves when butchering feral hogs, wash your hands with soap and water immediately after handling a hog carcass, thoroughly clean your knives and other tools, and thoroughly cook all feral hog meat.

Swine brucellosis is highly contagious and can be spread among hog populations in addition to being spread to humans. For this reason, hunters are reminded that  transporting live feral hogs is illegal in Alabama.

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Few humans die of swine brucellosis, but the disease is still pretty nasty and can cause serious illness. The primary symptoms of the disease resemble the flu. So if you are a hog hunter and come down with flu like symptoms, ensure that you tell your doctor that you’ve had recent contact with a feral hog. Otherwise, the doctor will have no reason to test for swine brucellosis, which could delay receiving proper treatment.

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Alabama Warning Hog Hunters to Be Cautious of Swine Brucellosis