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Alabama Man Bags Big Buck: ‘Excitement Overcame Me’

An Alabama man didn’t expect to bag such a big buck during a hunting trip earlier this month.

On January 5, 2014, Ray McCollum was hunting in his treestand in Lamar County, Alabama when he saw four does panting heavily gather nearby. Less than a minute later, he spotted what he had been chasing.

McCollum saw the big buck, and was ready to take the shot. The trophy deer was a 13-point whitetail that scored 166 3/8 inches and weighed in at 155 pounds.

“It’s been like a dream come true,” McCollum told the Trussville Tribune. “Just excitement overcame me.”

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McCollum is a resident of Tuscaloosa, Alabama and is studying forestry at the University of Alabama. He said he’s loved hunting and nature since he was a child, and he wants to pursue a career in wildlife management.

“It’s just been something I’ve really wanted to do and have something to do with for the rest of my life. It’s something that makes me happy,” McCollum told said.

McCollum was hunting with his father at the time, who has also killed a big  13-point whitetail buck.

Featured Image: Trussville Tribune

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Alabama Man Bags Big Buck: ‘Excitement Overcame Me’