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Woman Shot And Killed In Alabama Hunting Accident


Hunting can be a dangerous sport if safety isn’t taken into consideration.

A woman was recently killed in an Alabama hunting accident, according to the Tuscaloosa News.

Heather Garner was out with her friends dove hunting when someone accidentally discharged a gun. Garner was shot and friends called police. She was airlifted to DCH Regional Medical Center, where she ended up passing away.

Stories like this remind us why we put so much emphasis on Hunter Safety Courses. With hunting season upon us, and many states having started their firearm seasons for various game animals, it’s important to remember that there are rules and regulations in place for a reason.

Hunting seasons rarely pass by without accidents like this, but here’s hoping everyone can maintain a level of safety discourse that prevents them as much as possible.

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Woman Shot And Killed In Alabama Hunting Accident