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Alabama Hunters Pull in Near-Record 13-Foot, 920-Pound Alligator [PICS]

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This Alabama alligator could potentially be the second-largest ever taken in the state.

It took six men to haul in the 13-foot, 6-inch beast weighing 920 pounds out of Lake Eufaula on August 14. The men took the massive reptile on opening day of the season.

“It was surreal,” hunter Scott Evans said. His friends Jeff and Justin Gregg were among those that assisted in the massive catch that is estimated to be 60 years old. “We weren’t expecting anything that big,” he told reporters.


The catch easily surpassed a 9-foot alligator the three took last year. The group set off with a guide about 10:00 p.m. that night, and spotted the huge gator only 30 minutes into their hunt. After snagging it, they had an exhausting time attempting to wrestle it into the boat.

“We are still sore,” Evans told reporters four days later. “It was hard enough to get the head and shoulders in the boat.”

Evan’s alligator is bested only by a 15-foot, 9-inch monster weighing in at 1,011.5 pounds that was harvested the year prior.

The rarity of such a huge catch was not lost on the hunters.

“Before we dispatched (the gator), it’s running through your mind, ‘Should we just take a picture and let it go?’ It looks like you are looking at a dinosaur.” Jeff Gregg told reporters.


Evans says the animal will not go to waste. He plans to use much of the meat at a big Labor Day cookout he has planned. reports they expect the huge beast to yield up to 250 pounds of meat. He’s also hoping to have the massive reptile mounted and possibly displayed in an outdoor store.

Cabela’s has shown some interest in the animal, according to Evans.

For now, all the hunters are still living on cloud nine after their record catch. “It’s pretty amazing when you think about it,” Evans said.

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Alabama Hunters Pull in Near-Record 13-Foot, 920-Pound Alligator [PICS]