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Alabama Hunters Capture 1,000-Pound, 15-Foot Alligator

The massive alligator is the largest ever caught by hunters in Alabama.

Over the weekend a group of alligator hunters pulled a behemoth alligator from the Alabama River near Camden, according to The alligator was captured by Mandy and John Stokes, Kevin Jenkins and his two kids, Savannah, 16, and Parker, 14.

Photo: Sharon Steinmann/

The group brought the massive gator to a local check-in station to have it weighed and measured. Measuring the beast was easy (it taped an even 15 feet), but weighing it was a different story.

The first attempt to weigh the gator destroyed the winch mechanism that was used to hoist it. So biologists called in for a backhoe to help get the job done. They weighed the gator at 1,011.5 pounds.

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Photo: Sharon Steinmann/

This is easily the biggest gator ever killed in Alabama. The previous state record was 14.2-feet and 838 pounds.

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The team of hunters hooked the gator late Friday evening and fought it into early Saturday morning. They used multiple ropes to pull it close to their boat, but the process took multiple attempts over the course of several hours. Hunter Mandy Stokes used a 12-gauge shotgun to deliver the finishing blow right behind the gator’s eyes. The group plans to send the gator to a taxidermy shop to have it mounted.

Mandy Stokes said she learned a lot from the experience.

“Right now the fairest way for me to say it is that we’ll apply again, but I can assure you, I have no desire to hook into anything like this again. I truly don’t,” Stokes said.


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Alabama Hunters Capture 1,000-Pound, 15-Foot Alligator