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Alabama Hog Hunting, Longbow Style [VIDEO]

Starting in a treestand and ending in a stalk, this video is full of the ups and downs that every hunter experiences.

It's hard to get much more basic in hunting than a longbow. Skill beyond that of a modern bow is needed to pull, aim and release a traditional longbow.

Get in on the action and feel the peaks and valleys on this bow hunt for hogs.

A longbow is a great way to connect with the generations of ancestors that picked up a stick and went hunting. At one time in history, the longbow was the most modern form of weapon. Now, it is a connection to those innovative archers of old.

Longbows can be purchased numerous places and gives the archer a whole new perspective on their sport. Give it a search and give it a try. There are even traditional archery clubs all around the country that will be willing to help you get involved.

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Alabama Hog Hunting, Longbow Style [VIDEO]