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Alabama Gator Hunters See Change in Tag System

alabama gator hunters

Some Alabama gator hunters will be glad to hear about some new changes to the way tags are issued, as it will give most of them a fairer chance at drawing a tag.

Hunters in Alabama will welcome changes to the tag system this year as it means that they are much more likely to get a fair chance at a gator tag.

In the past, hunters were allowed to purchase as many chances as they could afford. Many viewed the lottery unfair for Alabama gator hunters who simply could not afford to buy their way into the gator lottery.

Now, the system has been changed to give extra points to those who have not been previously awarded a gator tag.

Alligator Hunt Coordinator Chris Nix explained the new system saying;

“If you draw a tag and accept it, then you lose all of your preference points. Another way to lose your preference points is if you do not put in a certain year. The main thing is that the hunters need to remember is one, to be patient. The system will pay off in the future for them but also, they have to continue to put in each year.”

See the full explanation of the new system in the video report by WKRG News 5 in Mobile, Alabama.

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Alabama Gator Hunters See Change in Tag System