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Alabama Fishing Captain Busted in Federal Sting, Sentenced to Prison

A fishing captain who sold illegal snapper to undercover agents and later threatened a federal witness landed himself a prison sentence.

David Braley, and Alabama fishing captain, was sentenced on June 26 to more than five years in prison for charges related to a federal sting to bust the illegal trade of red snapper, according to

David Braley, the former captain of the Seminole, piloted his boat out to federal waters in July 2012 to illegally catch red snapper. When he returned home, he illegally sold 320 pounds of red snapper to buyers for roughly $1,280. Little did he know, his buyers were undercover federal agents.

Red snapper is a highly regulated fish in the Gulf of Mexico. Bradley’s actions violated the Lacey Act, a federal law that prohibits interstate shipments of wildlife and fish taken in violation of state law. Last March, Braley pleaded guilty to violating the Lacey Act.

But to make matters worse, Braley threatened a government witness involved in the case on Facebook.

Last month, he was sentenced to 63 months in prison for threatening the witness, 30 months in prison for the Lacey Act violations, and was ordered to pay $4,051 in restitution.

Braley’s wasn’t the only person netted in the federal fishing sting. According to, six other people were caught illegally selling fish to undercover agents.

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Alabama Fishing Captain Busted in Federal Sting, Sentenced to Prison