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Alabama Deer & Turkey Harvests Can Now Be Reported Via Mobile App

Game Check

Alabama hunters can now report their harvests via Game Check using a smartphone app.

Alabama just recently changed their regulations to include mandatory reporting of all deer and turkey harvests within 48 hours.

The new rule comes because the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources wants more accurate survey numbers than what the surveys of the past have provided. Fortunately, they have now announced hunters can take care of this required step through a simple phone call or the updated Outdoors Alabama mobile app.

Perhaps realizing that hunters won't always be in areas of good data coverage, the new reporting system in the app has been designed to work offline and automatically submit the information when data coverage is restored.

To further help explain things, they've also put together a video fully explaining the check system.

"It's a very simple process that takes just a few minutes to complete," Director of ADCNR's Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division Chuck Sykes said in a press release. "With multiple reporting options and a reasonable time fame to input the data, there are no barriers to using the Game Check system."

An email confirmation is sent once such data on things like the type of animal, date of harvest and location are received. The ADCNR is asking hunters to make sure they have the most recent version of the app updated on their devices in order to use the app reporting system.

Youth and older residents exempt from licenses will have to obtain a free Hunter's Exempt License Privilege (H.E.L.P.) number in order to report their harvests because the system requires a license number to report.

In addition to mobile devices, harvest reports can also be submitted through the ADCNR website and through the phone via 1-800-888-7690.

ADCNR officials are recommending hunters get a Conservation Identification number or CID, which can also be used to report a harvested animal or purchase a license.

"Hunters are not required to obtain a Conservation ID, but having one will save them time in the future," Sykes said. "From buying a new hunting license to reporting a harvest, you'll only need to remember two pieces of information, your birthday and your 6-digit Conservation ID number."

For more information on changes to Alabama game laws this season, be sure to check out the ADCNR website.


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Alabama Deer & Turkey Harvests Can Now Be Reported Via Mobile App