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Alabama Coyote Gets Nailed at 14 Yards [VIDEO]

This Alabama coyote can't resist the promise of an easy meal and pays the ultimate price.

The guys from Crow Creek Productions are hunting a hedgerow between two cow pastures when they call in this overeager Alabama coyote.

Watch the video to see what happens.


That .300 Whisper sure did put the smack down on that Alabama coyote. Some might say that this gun is a little too big for coyotes, but you never can be too sure when it comes to these tough and cagey predators.

These guys were obviously hunting on a cattle farm. Coyotes have been known to take young calves that wander under fences. I'm sure the farmer was happy that there's now one less Alabama coyote running around his property.

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Alabama Coyote Gets Nailed at 14 Yards [VIDEO]