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Alabama Clarifies Hunting Times with New Bill


Ambiguity over when a hunting day officially ended and nightfall began has now been cleared ups with this new bill focusing on hunting times.

As AL reported, night hunting for most species in Alabama is illegal. However, no one had clearly defined what hours constituted as night hunting just yet, leading to a few cases of confusion over the years.

However, the state recently passed a new bill that defines those hours. “30 unites after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise of the following day, as sunrises and sunsets are recorded by the United States Naval Observatory,” are now Alabama hunters’ new guidelines.

For 40 years prior, the rule was from sunset to daylight, which clearly left some wiggle room for hunters to argue over. The new bill works to include visible light in consideration when it comes to hunting hours.

Alabama hunters, take note! No excuses anymore.


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Alabama Clarifies Hunting Times with New Bill