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Gun Hacks with Alabama Boss: How to Distribute Corn

distribute corn
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The best way to distribute corn is easier than you might think! Alabama Boss shows us just how fun the task can actually be. 

Spreading corn can be a great way to find out what kind of deer are in your area, or if it’s leagal a great way to help improve your chances of successfully harvesting a deer. But for many people the task of carrying and spreading deer corn is one that is less than enjoyable. Now thanks to Alablama Boss, we’ve got a new, more fun, way to distribute corn that you’ll love.

Of course if you choose to use Tannerite to distribute your deer corn in the middle of deer season, there’s a decent chance that you’ll completely disrupt any movement and make sure that deer come nowhere near your corn for the next few months, but who knows deer may also love the smell of Tannerite and come running to find out what all the noise is about and be rewarded with a feast. We guess you’ll just have to give it a shot and find out.

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Gun Hacks with Alabama Boss: How to Distribute Corn