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Disabling a Landmine Only Using a Pocketknife: Yes, It’s Possible

disables a landmine
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Aki Ra uses only the tools in his pocket and disables a landmine in Cambodia in under three minutes.

Even if you’ve never even come close to an actual war environment, you know that landmines are an absolutely devastating tool of war. One of the worst things about them is that they don’t take into account who is setting off the trigger, making them responsible for taking many friendly and innocent lives; and on top of that, they have no way of knowing when the war is over.

Many times landmines are left scattered, and hidden just under the surface of the earth for years, and even decades after a conflict ends. That is, until someone like Aki Ra, comes along and disarms them one at a time. Check out the video below showing an example of how he disables a landmine with only a few tools he can carry in his pockets.

If you’ve never heard the story of Aki Ra, it’s absolutely amazing. He is a former Khmer Rouge forced child soldier, who after finally being captured and freed by Vietnamese soldiers fully devoted his life to disarming as many of the landmines as he possibly could.

He spends his days searching for and then disarming, using only the tools he carries, each and every landmine he finds. Over the years he has disarmed thousands of mines, and in turn certainly saved thousands of lives. While it doesn’t seem so for him on the video, it certainly seems that it would still be nerve wracking every single time you stumble across one.

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Disabling a Landmine Only Using a Pocketknife: Yes, It’s Possible