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Bump Fire Systems Looks to Revolutionize Full Auto Simulation [VIDEO]

Arguably, there is no more menacing sound than an AK47 firing at full auto.

The boys over at Bump Fire Systems have designed a rifle stock that is capable of allowing a semi-automatic AK47 to be fired as a full auto rifle, found here.

The stock should be able to fit all Russian, Chinese, and Yugo rifles that have a "Tang Receiver." If you trying to add this to an AK pistol, it's simply not going to work.

No gunsmithing is required to utilize the Bump Fire stock, and it's very easy to use. On the rear portion of the stock under the cheek rest, there's a selector switch. That switch allows the rifle to either slide forward, backwards, or remain in place.

So long as the operator leaves the switch in the "auto fire" function then the rifle will continue to slide.

This stock is going to increase cyclic rates and should be used by a well-versed shooter. This rifle can be unpredictable in the hands of a younger trainee.

Younger shooters should take a few professional training courses on how to use a full auto rifle as the AK can deliver some hard recoil after shooting several hundred rounds. In my own experience, I have ended up with a sore cheek due to my face resting on the butt stock, as intended on AR platforms.

Nonetheless this should be an incredibly fun rifle to use as shown in the video.

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Bump Fire Systems Looks to Revolutionize Full Auto Simulation [VIDEO]