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AK-47s to be Made in the USA Due to Sanctions on Russian Imports


Sanctions ban Russian imports, so an American company steps up to fill the void.

The U.S. imposed sanctions on Russia for its role in the Ukraine crisis. Since then, RCW, the official American importer and distributor of Kalashnikov AK-47s, has ceased all communications with the the Russian company Kalashnikov Concern.

RCW CEO Thomas McCrossin told CNN, “I have a lot of inventory on my shelf bought and paid for. We are permitted to sell these weapons because they were already in the country.”

When the company depletes their inventory of Russian-made Kalashnikovs, they will not be able to import more.

To replenish stock, RCW will manufacture their own Kalashnikov weapons, including Saiga shotguns and AK-47 rifles. Production will begin in the second quarter of 2015.

McCrossin had the ideal venue for this big announcement: Kalashnikov USA’s booth at the industry’s biggest annual expo, SHOT show. The RCW booth contained Kalashnikov guns, with a background saying “Russian Heritage” and “Made in America” on the walls.

RCW will begin distribution of Kalashnikov USA’s American-made AK-47 and other Kalashnikov style guns in late 2015.

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AK-47s to be Made in the USA Due to Sanctions on Russian Imports