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The AK-107: The Unicorn of the Tactical Shooting World

The Russian AK-107 is hands down the most lethal AK variant to hit the shooting world.

Vickers Tactical does a great video with some incredible slow-motion footage to showcase how the recoil is directly mitigated while running full auto. This rifle is pretty much the unicorn of the tactical shooting world.

The AK107 shoots 545x39 and as tested can run mags up to 97 rounds with no problems. The big feature of the AK107 that other AK variants and even AR platforms are looking to improve on is canceling out recoil. The AK107 uses a counter weight. When the gas piston moves to the rear, an equal force moves forward within the rifle to cancel out the amount of force generated to the rear.

Source: The Firearm Blog

For tactical shooters that are shooting multiple follow-up shots, or even small bursts at a time, this can be a very effective upgrade to have. For most enthusiasts looking to own a rifle that can fire burst or full auto, this rifle will not be available due to NFA restrictions. For those service members going downrange, this rifle would be extremely effective and is something that American troops should have on their radar.

The AK107 is the perfect addition to a small four-man fire team. The rifle delivers steady full auto coverage and is still light enough to be carried over long distances. Three selector modes are available on the rifle: semi auto, three round burst, and full auto. Considering that this rifle has virtually zero muzzle climb, the operator can effectively lay down a steady amount of suppressive fire to keep maneuverability at full speed.

The AK107 is also available in 5.56 NATO, but be mindful that it's called the AK108.  I would definitely like to see this in the civilian realm with obviously a semi-auto-only mode so we can by pass the red tape. I will be looking to see if American manufacturers can pull off the same features, as well.

Keep training and stay vigilant, better rifles are on the way.

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The AK-107: The Unicorn of the Tactical Shooting World