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US Airports Issue Hunting Permits

Win a permit to hunt at an airport…

In an attempt to control wildlife population on runways, airports are issuing permits via lottery that will allow them to hunt on airport grounds.

Hunting is limited to archery, which makes sense, what with all the planes landing and taking off nearby…KCHO-mrec

In Pittsburgh, the International Airport issues permits every year and allows hunting on 800 acres of its property. All you have do is submit an online application here. The winners are announced annually in September.

St. Cloud Regional Airport issues 7 permits a year, and you can hunt whitetail on their 200 acres, while Jacksonville’s Cecil Airport controls their wild turkey population by welcoming archers onto their airport grounds.

But according the USA Today, very few hunters sign up for the lottery, and this could be due to lack of publicity. Airports and surrounding communities are scrambling for a way to control growing wildlife populations, and hunters simply aren’t responding, or aren’t aware.

There is a fine line between attempting to control wildlife population on airport property and allowing archers to hunt near planes. But, if you are traveling to these areas, you may want to think about bringing along your bow and arrows.

Would you hunt on airport property?


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US Airports Issue Hunting Permits