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How to Air Skin a Coyote with Ease

Coyotes can be a pain to skin. With the air skin method, the job is a breeze.

Coyotes require time, and patience when it comes to skinning them.  The air skin method almost takes all the work out of it.

The coyote is not actually skinned, but the hide is separated with ease from the tissue.

The best thing about this method is how the sin around the head comes loose. This area of the coyote can be time consuming when skinning a coyote for the fur trade.

In this video they cut holes into the bottom of the legs to feed the air into. If the coyote was shot by a rifle, the bullet entry could be used to feed the air into. A coyote taken with a shotgun would be a little more difficult because there would be a lot of holes for the inserted to escape from.

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How to Air Skin a Coyote with Ease