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You Need These Aimpoint Training Tips from Vickers Tactical

Aimpoint optics are second to none, as this Vickers Tactical video shows. 

The front sight tip should be centered to the center of the rear aperture. Make sure that proper head placement is also completed so that you can see you sights clearly. Bad posture and bad balance will cause you to throw your rounds off target. These nuances can be practiced over and over again, and you can always continually improve.

This video will help you get your sights aligned so you hit your target every time.

Vickers Tactical has some cutting edge approaches to how they teach their students to shoot the M4 Carbine, especially those with the red dot sights. The sights that are often included on the rifles are usually iron sights and therefore you should always consider upgrading the irons to a red dot or scope for easier target acquisition.

We all know that quality optics are better for the real working guns, but don’t be afraid to spend what you can on a lower tier optic if it indeed helps with your training. The better you are able to see your shots, the less you’re going to waste your ammunition and be better trained than your counterpart. The overall objective is to save money while training and you can definitely do this if you’re willing to keep practicing the basics with your optics and carbines.

One of the prefered ways to check your own posture at home is to film yourself and check your spine alignment with the proper Stance. Notice how Larry is constantly in the perfect form to engage his targe and he is doing so with numerous bodily injuries that have healed. This can be done and with a little patience and a lot of observation you too can get to the speed that he has when implementing his weapons. Happy training.



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You Need These Aimpoint Training Tips from Vickers Tactical