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Do You Agree with These 5 Overrated Guns?

While some models are popular for a reason, are these really the 5 most overrated guns? 

TFB TV decided to voice the opinions we're all probably too afraid to say in this video of the top five overrated guns. From the Mosin Nagant to the G43 self-loading rifle, TFB covers all the bases.

Are these guns unfairly respected above other models, or do you think they got it all wrong?

The Mosin Nagant, also known as the garbage rod, is the first choice on the list. A cheap surplus rifle, I definitely agree with this choice.

With the G43 self-loading rifle, he brings up an excellent point that people do tend to love German firearms despite their performance efforts.

The third option is the Armalite AR180, which always brings up a point of making it 'more modern,' even though the AR180B is exactly that.

The IWI Tavor is one of the most overrated bullpup, though many could argue that it's actually underrated because of how fun it is to shoot.

The last overrated firearm is the Thompson submachine gun, which I could agree with, and is probably celebrated because of its historical factors.


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Do You Agree with These 5 Overrated Guns?