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Aggressive Turkeys Make It Easy to Reach Your Limit

Turkeys make it easy to reach your limit

These turkeys are so aggressive that they attack the fallen Tom.

Have you ever been hunting turkey and felt the excitement of seeing a good sized flock coming in? You take your shot, miss, and all the turkey are gone.

Well this hunter had nothing to complain about on this day. Not only did he get a clean shot, but the other aggressive turkeys stuck around, just in case.

Toms are known for being aggressive and there are many videos of them attacking decoys. There are even a few turkeys hanging around after a near miss with an arrow.

But to see a turkey shot with a shotgun, and then have the two aggressive turkeys with him begin attacking the recently taken turkey? That does not happen often. I have had turkeys bolt after hearing a snapped twig.

What do you think happened here? A couple of Jakes ready to challenge for dominance? Maybe it was a Jake that was shot and the Tom mistook his flapping for challenging him? Either way, this hunter has a great video and meat on the table.

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Aggressive Turkeys Make It Easy to Reach Your Limit