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Aggressive Mother Deer is Bullying an Ohio Woman in Her Own Home


Woman has invoked the wrath of one angry mother deer! 

An Ohio woman says an overly-aggressive and angry mother deer is being so protective of her fawn that it’s disrupting the woman’s life!

It sounds crazy, but the angry doe even showed up looking for trouble when Cindy Frost of Mentor-on-the-Lake showed a local news crew around her property. Hear more about how one angry deer is causing such a disruption.

Cindy Frost has tried to give this doe her distance, but nothing seems to be working. This deer really does seem to have it out for anyone who gets near her fawn. “I feel like I’m a prisoner,” Frost told Fox 8 News. “I can’t take my dogs out for a walk; I can’t even walk down to the end of my property and when I go to my car I’m looking all around.”

This spring isn’t the first time Frost has had to deal with this aggressive doe. It was in the area last year and actually stomped and injured a neighbor’s dog. While taking her own dogs outside to use the bathroom Wednesday, the overly-aggressive doe tried to come after Frost again.

“She came right after me,” Frost told the station. Luckily she was able to put her vehicle between herself and the angry deer. “What saved me was my black top. She couldn’t get her grip, that’s the only thing that saved me.”

Frost has apparently decided to stick things out for the moment and wait for the doe and her fawn to move out of the area. Wildlife officials told her they might have to euthanize both mother and fawn if the doe continues to be a problem.

“I don’t want that; I’m an animal lover,” Frost told the station.

Pretty crazy situation here. Although considering so many wildlife rehab centers have an influx of fawns people believe to be abandoned at this time of year, maybe more mother deer should take these actions. It would certainly prevent fawn-nappings like this one in California!



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Aggressive Mother Deer is Bullying an Ohio Woman in Her Own Home