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Aggressive Deer Behavior Led to "Deer Summit 2015" in Oregon Town [VIDEO]


What would your town do if faced with droves of aggressive deer?

In Ashland, Oregon, deer have been creating problems for residents and pets alike during the past few years. Injuries and car accidents led the town to hold what they called, "Deer Summit 2015," an open forum where residents and officials could meet to decide what to do about the aggressive deer.

As the city sits so close to forest land, the town has essentially developed its own domestic herd of deer that really couldn't care less if humans are around.

Mayor Stromberg, a victim of a few small deer attacks himself, said of the deer: "Generation after generation has been born in this town and grown in this artificial non-wild environment."

A number of solutions were discussed, running the gamut from a non-confrontational approach to the idea of enlisting hunters to begin to control the deer population. This is an excellent lesson in the importance of conservation on both ends of the spectrum.

Though we wish there was footage of a deer attack to gauge just how serious this is, we feel that those deer should exercise some manners in the coming months.

Sounds like the villagers will be grabbing their persecution pitchforks soon if one more injury occurs in an Ashland deer vs. human showdown.

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Aggressive Deer Behavior Led to "Deer Summit 2015" in Oregon Town [VIDEO]